Strength Within

Strength Within by Trinity L. Thompson

In a distance, I hear faint cries
although I know you must heal,
let me dry your tears…
we all have a weakness…cry if you must
allow me to help dissolve your fears,
I too lost grip of so much that I cherished in life…
I often daydream wondering why…
until I’m smiling knowing one day that it’ll be alright,
courage and strength come from within
no one can give us those qualities,
so shine like the brightest star…
dissipate the ignorance of darkness
show the world who you are,
one door closes to lock away the pain…
another door opens to release happiness and change,
just as the tears you cried have dried
then also allow your wounds to heal,
let the magic begin…
reach deep down for your strength within.

This poem was originally published in “Under Dark Skiez” A collection of poems by Trinity L. Thompson”




by sabr

love is innate,

it ain’t a trait. 

we don’t have to be taught it. 

like the heavy rains after a dry season, 

it just be pouring. 

but it’s fear being spread in these streets. 

we are taught not to listen to our inner knowing, 

my ears have been aching. 

from ignoring the voice within, 

but i have awakened. 

no longer will fear stifle the light that radiates, 

oh love awaits.