Too Scared To Die Young by Lamont’e Lewis

It wasn’t my choice to be born in this world to just die you know? 

I cannot tell if death can come from the left or the right, but I always remain moving forward. 

Moving forward while my shadow moves backward. 

It’s not hard for me to cross the street looking both ways while my past is buried underneath with the date that says 1999 – 2019 

I’m free. I’m free from it all. 

Now I am 23 still with a dream that means so much to my people and me. 

I know I was too young to be buried, but my past taught me something. 

Something that has to do with 

the relationships and the repercussions.

I mean 2019 was a dream to me 

Learning how my ability can work well with my responsibilities. 

my social anxiety gets exposed through the world of review streams I’m guilty. 

I was too scared to die young I’m chilly. 

Too tired to save my own life I’m selfless. 

How long till we arrive in paradise I’m helpless.

2019 I breathe in fear 

2023 I breathe out less 

Then I put it all together I’m fearless. 

My words became my own therapy which helped me out a lot to become 23 and on to new beginnings. 

I’m young & alive, and alive & well. 

The century will capture the seed I plant for the young ones that are not here. 

Dedication grows within the human soul. 

Let the past go so you can grow.