It hailed in May

Shot by Sabr. Spring In California

Poem by: Bella

I’m in pain
But I’m doin just fine 
Cuz I’m outside
In a shirt
No boots
No coat 
No snow
Straight dirt
I’m cool
But I ain’t cold
Cuz the spring wind blows
With the whisper of summer’s warmth 
I’m feeling the loving breeze 
Sipping on some ginger tea 
Mother Earth grounding my feet 
I could cry cuz this grass so green
Communing with the trees
Sweet birds and buzzing bees 
Grandfather sun, Thank you for shining on me 
This be my family 
And together we sing 
While the skies bless us with rain
And thunder is on its way
Together we pray
Thank you creator 
Thank you
Thank you for this day
Thank you for this life 
For love 
For healing
And the beautiful flowers of May 

And then it hailed