The Dance

The drum vibrates awake,

The sun covers all of the world,

The world here, the pow-wow world,

is here, to be here,

the master of ceremonies, he jokes and explains,

is a friend.

The lead singer begins with his voice

The past returns, finger pointing

The second follows up, the scale to continue,

The dancers rotate around the circle,

each step, every move with

the heartbeat that lives in the souls,

is, so real, in being real,

The colorful symphony of the dance unfolds,

in each dancer, in every move, in all,

The eyes watching in the bleachers,

The voices around the drum,

The dancers dancing alive,

the threads of it all together,

The same, the hunt, the wars, the sorrow,

the everyday, the life, the pride, the love,

The dance continues on and on!