history & culture Poetry

Mini ha ha

No, no way, that doesn’t mean a little laugh, but, waterfall in Dakota, from it flows the blood of me, carries the love of home, gives the pride of belonging, you can hear it sing, it holds the magic of the buffalo nation, shares life with all who have come here to this land, who make it home, who live and work beside it, flowing tears and falling joyful sounds abound, miye dakota, i am Dakota, i am one of the friendly people, one of the free and common beings, icke wicasa, i am life, i am the long life of the Dakota, wiconi wodakota, see me, and know that once before, i was a huge lake that covered this whole state, i was a large river that made all the lakes here, that from me, came the Dakota, from the stars, from the underworld, to here, we exist, we are one with it, and all are welcome here! Tatanka Ohitika