Just singing…

Yes, first thing i do, is sing, inside my mind, then, let it outside, scares some and includes others, yes, this breath, this moment here, right now, for all the times before, for whatever may come, for the joy, for the sorrow, for all those who have crossed my path, all those who helped me, for those who cared for me, for those that i’ve cared for, for all that needs some help, for those lost, hungry, sad, and hurting, for all those happy, glad and content, may the sunshine keep shinning for us all, and for the moisture this year, so much, all is soaked, but, it is the tears of those gone, and what is needed for those yet to appear, i sing this song, low and below, few know this singer, he sings and birds reply, he sings and clouds dance, he sings and deer run, he sings and crys, tears of joy, tears for tomorrow, he sings and smiles for he hears the songs of those before, they join him, he just singing, all the damn time…Strong Buffalo