You didn’t see

When that fire blew by, you just drove on, you were just leaving the place and in walked that superstar, and you just opened the door for her, she smiled and said ,”Thanks”, you didn’t pay any mind, as the cameras’ flashed and the people rushed her, you were sleeping, when that train wrecked, just below your home, chemicals and fire roared, smoke and sirens didn’t wake you from that dream you had of him, the love of your life, who just left you a few months ago, you were together again and enjoying times like so much before, he looked good, smelt like him, felt wonderful next to you, made you laugh, taught you something with each little event, kissed you and said, “I will always love you and be with you here and in the next world, i will wait and wait.” And, you didn’t see the time fly by, the months turning to years, the days alone, the world going on around you, the life and one you need is not here, but there, so, you don’t see, you see only that ahead and way behind you, you didn’t see, that love is visible, now, and remains, regardless, you sang that song he taught, “See you, in that place where vision is felt, where time is endless and heartaches belongs to those who only see reality, you didn’t see, for you didn’t need to, you loved me and i love you!”