WE-hom-dah (Dream-Dakota)

 Can we move about in these dimensions?  Do Spirits fly free?  During one’s sleep can that moment can be so thrilling?  One’s total essence overstimulated with enlightenment, a high, so overwhelming, part went there, other parts here, so much from so many, so, too the dark soothes nervous anticipation that keeps the whole,  entirely of the experience, way out of my control.  Energy sparkled, roaming intensely, a gourd sounded, a steady flow of moving movement, taking and giving like a neon flicker lapses of sight, returning to reality can be such a let down.  “Mr Dream, are you alright?”  Was that intended for me?  So, i did not respond immediately.  Then, I replied, “I’m alright!”  Colorful shadows masked the visualizations, was this all going on all around me, or, just inside my mind?  The thoughts suddenly dissipated for no resolution was required.  The songs rang over bells, the singing grew louder and louder, ” What your looking for, is what you are!”  Striving to seek all about you, you missed the core of this state, no limitations overstep the human condition, the planets’ feminization combined with the growing negative  state conceal the pieces of the puzzle, here and there unbeknownst of each other.  A cloud of smokeless smoke, a puff of the ocean breeze, a whiff of the desert heat, a touch of a snowcapped mountaintop, in the wings of a bald eagle, soaring to take your thoughts to the beyond, the circle revolves, brings you to know dreams alive, listen to the words, observe the action, you will know the future, I sing for you and give thanks for the gift of dreaming, it is the way to find one self, Chases the Dreams is born from this moment, for you are the Dream.

WE-hom-dah oh-KOO-wah (Chases the Dream-Dakota)

Make no mistake, he be as handsome as one of the Great Lakes.  Buffalo Strong, so full of Eagle Talk, walks amongst an ocean of giant trees over a horizon full of the highest peaks, not only hunts down the elusive dream, but makes them come true, freely weaves them into real stories to live by, yet, to be retold from new to old.  His power comes from graceful continuation and harmonious beauty shining in the windy light, that flies to the needy, drops down what they need, runs thru time like a hummingbird that leaves you much better than before and greater than now.  All smiles of a bears love song from it’s round red heart, naturally creates laughter even the trickster knows not how he does this deed, a tale spinning like meal that never ends, yet, it is, but a cloud, gone like a vague memory, near like a desired kiss, so, good, to look at, one stares till out of sight.  They chase the dream, but dreams chase them to no end.  Where is this place and who is this person called Chases the Dream?  Is it real or figment of imagination.

WE-hom-dah OH-tah (Much Dreams-Dakota)

Oh, your so dreamy, looking so good, all dressed up and looking so fine, feel so great, know it is so right!  Everything in one, must be dream, one, so difficult to locate and discover, harder to keep, impossible to embrace, not real or fake, must one be awake or asleep?  Something priceless, so rare, don’t want to stop, cannot separate, it turns into such a mess, breaks away from the static dream.  Returns another time and place as if it never left the spot first met.  Passionate desires fill the space with energy wishes that knock on no doors of reality, opens no knowledge to embrace, put us back on the morning time, where one leaves the dreamy land behind, the sweet kisses and tender hugs of far away that will never leave, now, for to dream is to be and to be is to dream, like that star which has you every day in that warm place of many dreams, yet, never quite fulfilled.

WE-hom-dah doh-oh-PEH-yah (Lose Dream-Dakota)

It is heard in the careless laughter ,not, hopeless with a nonchalant drive to no where, must be a goal or place one can find without dreams destined to walk a trail with measured steps in a fuzzy haze, forgotten like a whim, barely costs the price of entry that value not added up by receipts of material, a faint idea, a glimmering thought, a intriguing memory finds one staring at nothing in a foggy recollection of moving parts amiss ranting and celestial chants, know no fantasy, but, not real outside my bed, going thru the motions that go no where with emotions of idle motion on top of congested aspirations churning inside the belly like a river that never ends and the wall that inhibits your escape or prevents salvation from mortal freedom as others race to dust and you forget what you were suppose to remember, feeling it, yet, not knowing it any better than that stranger, who didn’t hear you screaming the whole night away!

WE-hom-dah toh-KON (Dream Away-Dakota)

You dream away, you lay deep inside a inclining fretful bout of tossing about in that place free to explore a closed place, so far away, one never can rest, damn, those who give drugs that stop the childs visions of those dream seekers who cry more than laugh, who run away constantly from the inevitable, who can hear the messages on lonely hilltops and skylines’ wisdom, deep inside darkness locked tight beyond discovery or from those long departed, last words for those following, for all that is silent and unrecognizable , but to this few who dream easy like another breath, like a sunrises’ approach bringing the spirit world into focus, we dream, so we can act, so we will survive, so we can revive, so, we can remain in balance and sane, in this reactionary slumber all exist in there yet, there are those who will never know how to dream, who will be born over and over in that dark place.  But, we must be thankful, for those who can dream it real, alone or amongst many, dreams to love, cry, laugh, and live by, tell us, what to do, till we die, that guide, inspire, explain the mysterious continuous flow, until we stop being dreamers and become just a part of the dream.