Miye Dakota-I am Dakota

I am Dakota, one of the free and wild beings, one of the good and friendly people, icke wicasta.  But, I’m only as free as a city pidgeon.  Like a solitary flower, living the life of an exile in my own homeland.  Like a warm rain showers’ touch, seen like the cool breeze, partly known, mainly the dream of unseen spirits vision.  You many wonder  what it was that came upon your presence like a slight headache that’s come and gone.  My wishes may hit you like a old memory, my desire burns still like the hot sun, yet, he who knows the secrets of mountaintops.  My bloodline held captive within this body by the worlds time, struggling against those who wait to laugh at the jokers fall or just another of the many too busy to appreciate what is taken for granted.  But, one day you will cry as you remember me, there will come forth a bright smile from your wet lips, a chilling shiver will run over your warm naked body, cherish it, for soon, it’s gone,  never to be again, never the same again, the one and once of it, you call it me, I call it Love.  For, my Mother was smiling generosity and my Father the quiet inspiration of the past who made me in love out of hates’ war.  So, take my hand, kiss yesterday, today, the family of life, the brother of all, caress tomorrow, now, for the messenger will surely change, the stories are always retold and the end always has a beginning.  But, meaning has an identity, too!! ” So, fare thee, well, my love, my family, my friends”, says the strange visitor, ” for our Goodbye was in our hello!”