Say Those Prayers

Sadness gathers at my door this bright morning, off, I walk to the oceanside to collect some sandy shells, click them together as i wiggle my toes in the shore.
Worry lingers around my world, like fog on water, in the morning, so, off, i go to the end of the hills, which is really the beginning of the hills, where there are no more worries, collect some wild sage, so, sweet in the air. i throw it up into the strong wind, praying for them, for their good health and happiness. Joy rides with my dreams, happy collects some warm sunshine, leaves it on my shoulder, so, off, I run blindly at nighttime with shadows that form a staggered trail in the dark sky, like a airplane in the daytime. Those who gather collect the rewards of their endeavors, those lost hunters find game, inspite of the killing part, tolerance not given much of a chance, patience ran out of time, prior to conception or the preys’ demise, so, off I am to say those prayers, again and again, each time, for each of them, overtime more till it seems, to say those prayers, is a way of life. Those prayers
of all of them, sent off to that one knows not where, just send it off into the unknown to the unknown, so, off, i am with to say those prayers!!!