Think, think, use that frontal lobe of your hard head, use the logical side of logic, hurry, hurry, before anger sets in and realizes itself to be real.  Quick, quick before hurt,  knows it’s hurt, breathe, breathe, in and out, calm down, be rational, shit, shut up, emotional override taking over, oh, no, here, is that habitual releasing continuing to increase as the past becomes enraged again.

Think, think, okay, alright, all wrong, please, please don’t get too excited, don’t incite that rage, stop, stop, the pain from requiring any thoughts that will realize, realize, it’s full of pain, to begin with, ah, too late, just too late,

(If needed: deep breaths. In through your nose for a count of three; out through your mouth for six)


Angry rises like yeast bread in the oven of our being, seems like all the pain of the past, remains there, dormant or unresolved, adds up, accumulates and develops almost by itself or manages itself with habits and methods, somehow it grows, that it knows you better than you know yourself!  Anger management is required in some cases, and others, it goes along within your life, under the radar or without any major eruptions.  To be a abused or a abuser, to be hurt or to be hurtful are in the register of human occurrence.  How we regulate and control our anger or the anger around has lot to do with the condition of our wellbeing.  A lot of the time, it is out of our personal control, sometimes it is within our personal control.  Anger needs to acknowledged and dealt with, one needs to be retrospective and observant, we cannot push it all under the rug of our existence or turn the cheek to it, for it, that anger, is just a step away from rage, a short way from madness and not far from calm.  Woniya Wakan is Dakota for Holy Air, the breath, spirit, life, renewal, all the same, woniya wakan, so, breathe, let it out, let it in and it will help…listen to the air, hear it, feel it, smell it, see it, it is sacred and precious, it is the spirit moving it is life, so, breathe, breathe….