Echoed Back from the Stars

He stood in the dark of night, snow dropping down upon him, tears in his eyes while singing a song of mourning, it echoed back from the stars, the moon rushed to join in with him, the wolves and coyotes backed him up, even, the trees served as percussion sounds, the wind increased to carry along the harmonies, and the cold, wore his face stiff, when a single snowflake hit his nose and quickly another one gathered there. It did not melt. He heard, “Work every day, pray all the time, and have fun some of the time!” If one keeps all three in balance one will have harmony within oneself, that echoed back from the stars…

Are we connected to the universe or are we just tiny insignificant things existing somehow? Is there more to us, than our limited physical and mentality can comprehend? Do you need facts and proof? Can one verify an unknown? Does it make a difference? If there is or isn’t evidence of mysterious elements within us or around us. Ah, matters not much, says I, our existence merits respect, just being alive gives one the right to life and no other has the right to take that life. i believe in the extra things of the unexplained, the sixth sense, the spiritual realm or the x factor contribute to our lives. Yes, the metaphysical and biological matter all consists of many things unexplained or unknown, does not take away from their validity…the flesh of our world is the skies of stars, the ingredients that compose are the same things that make up the stars…it’s a mystery, this life, but, it echoes back from the stars and we echo back…from our flesh to flesh of the universe!