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Us Birds!!!

The Crow shouts out, into the empty air, to whomever can hear! Or, within listening range. “I’m here, I want that, get away!” The Bluejay imitates the attacking Hawks’ call, so, well, as to have the feeder all alone and it works, so
good, the passing Hawk, starts looking for the prey. The Cardinal tells me, “I’m pretty, so pretty!” The Sparrow gathers in my hedge, with so many others of it’s kind, yelping around and just making a whole bunch of noise, shouting, “Tom, Mr. Orange will tweet again, tonight @ 3am! He’s just about $$$$ and himself, he ain’t no bird!!” “Change the name of this lake!”, says the Robin, ‘You know, that one named after that old slave master!” And, I say, “Yes, Us, Birds need to stick together!”