Bookends; They just hold up them Books!

Words, can say so much, can start fights, wars, love, affairs, business deals, careers and still can say nothing much at all! Can stop love, feuds. Can stop fear, ignorance, and traffic. Words, can get one elected, fired, misunderstood or admired. Words need speakers, writers, listeners, in literary forms vocal and recorded, or just spoken and gone off into the open spaces and forgotten by most. Words have life and nothingness, greet, salute, farewell, and hate. Words come in between, above, about, among, around, underneath, admit, deny, ignored or remembered. Words love, need, cherish, disregard and avoid. Words are very important, full of mystery, very friendly, innate, or strange, worthless and sometimes full of distasteful hatred. Words are plenty, not enough, or just plain lost, altogether. Words know me, you, words take care of you and me. I love words…

Now, blogs are mainly for words, writers need words to write, readers need them to read, we have them to speak, sing, and create. Sometimes, words just get in the way, or words spoken are not what is meant, words mislead and help you discover, words expressed and release a lot. words can help you find something, or lose something, yourself or another. words sell and help you buy, words don’t cost a lot, yet, are worth much more than given credit for, even the mute speak words, those who communicate through other means, dance, music, painting, murals, sculptures and other kinds of installations. help us to know each other or those who have gone on, words, are floating around, within the air, being sent from radios, tv’s, and cyberspace, silently being sent in thoughts and action. heard by many, some true and many false, words are more plenty, so much more, than us humans know, a mystery part of a greater mystery, does god speak to you, do you hear gods’ words, are the sacred documents really gods’ words or words of humans that we put out as gods’own words. Do animals have their own words, or do they know our words, some, like to your dog, sit, roll over, etc…words from before, do they stay or return, do they leave our minds, this reality, words are of the spiritual world, yet, so vital in our reality. Words explain, distort, confuse and describe. We are words, billions of words pieced together in a weird mix and package of a word world. The skies of stars is our worlds’ flesh, the words of ours is the veins of our existence, one day, maybe all that is left is words, written on stone, mountains, books, computers and tales sent from mouth to mouth, but, if not understood, if not learnt they are worthless and useless…words connect us, so, I leave this blog, with the words, i will see you somewhere along this trail of words and i pray we will know each others words…see you…