I am the EAST, the one and only, the Chief of the EAST, not just from the easterly direction, not just one from the eastside, the real thing, all east. When i’m born each day, it is new all over again!  I’m the Giver of Hopeful Light, the Eastern Door is my homeland, i bring the Suns’ love to make the Family of Life one and whole, we, all the living at this same time, so, just wave and give me a glance in my direction, everyday, then turn, SOUTH, WEST, & NORTH, look up and down, and unity will enter you, for that is my gift to all.  My reason to exist, to the first touch of love. The one who brings happiness, goodness, warmth & enlightenment, all it takes is a nod and greeting, “Hello, Our Relative, the EAST!!!!   Strong Buffalo