TiWakan (Holy House): A program supporting native performers, writers, dancers, composers, songwriters, and other like-minded artists, to facilitate the creation of gathering spaces, and to collaborate and explore new work where art leads change and heals historic and present day trauma.

In the spring of 2017, Oyate Hotanin launched a new “adventure variety show” at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, called The Buffalo Show, featuring live poetry and projections, and native guest artists from a variety of disciplines, in performance and conversation about their lives and work, hosted by Strong Buffalo and Leech Laker Al Gross.  Buffalo Show episodes are video taped and recorded and may air on the Oyate Hotanin YouTube Channel.  (Watch for alerts when we are up and ready for this!)

Strong Buffalo recently recorded the poem “Walking Down Franklin Avenue” with artist JG Everest about The American Indian Movement (AIM) being born on that very Minneapolis street, on that very block.