IN Equality

IN Equality exists to oppose the harmful and costly expansion of the prison industrial complex by organizing a powerful community voice to oppose expansion activities and instead invest in life-affirming alternatives.  Towards that end, we mobilize, include and inform those of us in our community who know the criminal justice system first hand to call for and lead police, court, and corrections reform in Ramsey County and beyond. In Equality also creates space for community healing and visioning for the purposes of informing systemic reform.

IN Equality works in three areas:
I. coalition building of those with firsthand experience in the system
II. policy advocacy on behalf of impacted community, and
III. public art.

We are working to transform Ramsey County juvenile justice by imbedding the impacted community lens and voice in policy and practice reform to disrupt the feeder system from juvenile services to adult prison.


To wake up public opinion about the inhumanity of mass incarceration by creating public art that makes visible the breathe and the depth of the impact in our community.

We work with a Collaborative Community Leadership model.
At this time our team includes:

Damon Drake
Laura LaBlanc
Eva Song Margolis
Russel Balenger
Crystal Norcross
Long Vang
Chris Melendez
Dominique Diaddigo-Cash
Joanna Lowry
David Starks