Cloudy knows where I Live!

My Father name is First Cloud, he died  a few years back, he didn’t know i was born, my Mother never told him, but, i meet him after her passing, he said, he always wanted a child and that all my children would have made my Mother proud!  The lowest clouds, the ones closet to the earth, nearest to us, is my Dad, he hugs and advices me daily, he floats by and tells me, don’t worry, about their bad thoughts, don’t concern yourself with others emotions and actions, that you cannot control.  Take care of what you can.  Look see, all those who love you, all those who care about you, I am up here, guiding you, forever will provide for your needs.  I will enter your heart, to guide your feelings, take care of your heart, so that you will have goodness in you and your soul is full of the clouds, i give you change, i give you courage to change, to go on, each day, cloudy days are you and your love ones, see us all we bring you rain, snow, wind and sunshine join us daily for we are related, yes, we are the first clouds, love and happiness lives in us…i love you, Son!

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