The Hug…

The Hug

She fell into my embrace, like I had never left, she hugged me and wouldn’t let go, “You haven’t changed much, still smell the same, but, i don’t want to wait another ten years for your next hug!”  i just kissed her and said,” Embraces are just the end of a spirits journeys.”  She kissed me back and said, “This night is going to last me a lifetime!”  Then the interweaving of souls began the common dance of this uncommon connection.  Our bodies melted into each other, our minds floated into the same channel, our spirits knew they would fly together from now on, no matter where they were.   The night slipped by way too fast and the morning light return as i closed her door this morning.  On my way back to the workshop conference i had came out here for started, i cried all the way back in the sunshines’ shadow.  Same light rail carried me away as i wondered how long it would take to get my next hug from her would take?        

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