Buffalo snorts…

“Standing on the footsteps of before, memories explode, unfolding like yesterdays’ sheets, I sit at dusk, like a bird, preening myself, as the sun sets. Seeing what happened, knowing that’s over, waiting for the next to arrive, comfort knows anxiety.”
“With a flash of a lash, a whiff of years, pealed off me, like a potato going to the boiling pot! A smile insured more, as eyes connect like a lazer beam making conact with some material, it didn’t matter that i had long ago gave up on love and even random sex, lust forgets reality, overlooks maturity, yes, she must be absolutely wonderful or so my thoughts tell me.”
“Cloudy mind floats without a direction, accidents occur with random selection in control, encounters happen, lost chances go by unnoticed, last gone except for a number and giving a lot of what I wanted doesn’t earn much interest. Tired body struggles with hesitation, “Why the Cowboy Hat? Why Not says Me! My bag rolls in every direction, my mind doesn’t agree with my heart, united in difference, occupy joint space, heading back to the cold of alone like a empty mine.”

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